Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Sleeping Mavrud

I'M BACK!!!!!

Yes, I have finally unearthed the bit of paper with my blipfoto password on, been able to access my account again (for some reason the netbook logged me out), and here I am!

The good (or maybe bad) news, is that I also have photos for every single day to upload! This is great news for my completionist OCD, but maybe less great for my poor facebook friends who will be subjected to loads of stuff in their newsfeeds!

However, here I am!

So, what has happened since I was last here? Hard to tell, since I can't quite remember WHEN I was last here. We've had New Year, of course, and Christmas. Mostly, in our lives, this consists of eating!

I suspect there will be rat photos in the back catalogue too, and, as you may have noticed by today's blip, there are KITTENS in our lives!

I won't tell you the whole story about how they arrived with us just yet - I'll hope that unfolds from the backblips as they're posted. However, I will tell you that there are three of them, two girls and a boy. This beautiful little lady is Mavrud, and she's utterly beautiful!

As to today's activity - at the Wonderspouse's request we have been watching foreign films with subtitles. Since I haven't been paying attention I'm not sure what they were about. One was a Japanese film and involved a lot of bedroom activity and crying; the other is a French film and involves lots of banging and crashing and getting drunk.

Both films have been accompanied by the noise of hurtling kittens and a little electronic cat toy that makes a tweeting noise every time it's touched!

Although now, in the early evening, the kittens are asleep, Felix and Tiggy are indoors (and Felix is allowing Tokaji and Carson to sleep in his box), and I'm full of yummy chocolates!

All very domestical and peaceful! :-)

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