Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Birthday Boy!

This is Victor - he's 2 years old today, which, for a rat, is a very good age!

He and his brother, IV-XL ("pronounced" Four Forty) came to us as small boys - they were sons of a very beautiful rat called IV-VII ("pronounced" Four Twelve) who I met at the first ever rat show I went to.

Sadly IV-XL didn't make it to his second birthday, but Victor is still in fine shape and living very happily with the remaining old men from his original group. In his day, Victor won several rosettes for "Best Black", and even got a "Best Stud Buck" on one occasion. He's too old for showing now, and his wonderful black fur has faded slightly these days, but he's still a fine and beautiful rat, and we love him to bits! He'll never be too old for snuggling and cuddling and having his ears stroked! :-)

A second birthday is a big deal for a rat - very few of them ever make it to a third, so it's often their last birthday.

So many congratulations Victor! We love you, you beautiful big black boy!

As to the rest of the day, it's been a quiet day at home. Cages have been cleaned, the piano has been practised, maths books have been opened, and the washing machine has been very busy!!!

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