Capital adventures

By marchmont

Mini, mini blipmeet

A day less indolent than yesterday.  An early morning swim at a relatively quiet Gracemount and then off to Bruntsfield for a session with J.  He was in a chatty mood so a double Ringgo session.  I'd dropped in past the Manor on the way with the physio exercises and log sheet.  

Home for lunch and some internet catching up and then off into toen to meet B for a chat about Apex.  the bar at Motel One is being reconstructed but that meant free coffee.  I had an hour to kill but the Politics Festival programme came in so I was able to book some events, including Helena Kennedy. 

Then to the City Chambers for the Apex annual lecture.  I do prefer the Council Chamber in Aberdeen but the dome is stunning.  It was a very huggy evening of meeting up with new colleagues and old friends and a blipmate - Boyd.  Of course I have a blipname so my name badge gave him no clues but it was great after the reveal to meet face to face and share the joy.

Now home catching up with the politics.  Well Andy Hamilton said at the weekend that the PM was just engineering a General Election.  Seems like he may be right. 

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