By hpx

Welcome rain

I seldom get rain on my side bedroom windows. This is a different take on my golden totara which is shaped into a cloud tree.

You may recall I named it Anshin (un-shing), Japanese for inner peace or inner reassurance. I can see it from many places inside and out. I particularly like that I see it from my bedroom.

Japanese often stake trees. The 3 bamboo stakes Masa has used to form a supporting tripod will eventually rot out, or he'll suggest I remove them.

I started the day with yesterday's headache but thankfully it's gone now.

Today was the day that I well and truly fell asleep on the bus on the way home. Everyone had disembarked when I came to. The driver was just getting out of his seat to wake me when I came to. We had a wee laugh. :-)

Today's gratitude: For the rain.

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