By hpx

Row after row

These are rows of grippy things (a technical term).

There are 5 ovals to each row. Each oval has pointed bits of metal sticking out on one side. You bend and snap each oval to separate it.

I'll use these to attach wide wind cloth to 2m + heavy wooden stakes. Whack the flat side of the oval with a hammer and it will bite through the wind cloth and into the wood.

My current wind break doesn't stand a chance once the spring and summer nor'easterly wind arrives. I just have to borrow a husband who is well over 6 feet tall. I have just the bloke in mind. :-)

Last night I was outside in the dark, with my headlamp on, scattering lawn fertiliser. I'm pleased to see that today's rain has partially dissolved the fertiliser granules. I have no idea how long it takes to dissolve.

Today's gratitude: For my neighbourhood. I've picked up my eggs, brought my milk delivery inside (glass bottles from a local farmer), and chatted the butcher and the fish monger. I like it here.

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