Preparing for Scotland

After work I've been busy, and still am, with the preparations for my upcoming trip to Scotland in november. I'll be guiding and touring for, with a group of 7 people during 6 days. Isle of Skye and Glencoe are on the agenda.

I'm writing a timeschedule for each day with all the photolocations we'll be visiting.
That's great to do. Searching through all kind of websites, browsing through books, calculating travel time, lunch time, finding restaurants/pubs, it all makes me feel as if I'm travelling already. Scotland is everywhere around me these days. I'm looking forward to this trip very much and it still scares me at the same time.
I hope to skip the scary part in the future, when I have the experience of this first journey.
But, the fun I have preparing this trip, is something nobody can take away from me anymore.

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