Back Where I Belong ...

After farewells the taxi came and brought me home .Nice to be in my place.  Bird baths bone dry so cleaned , filled and put some  food out. .Joyful song from the sparrows plus a visit from some crows .Out for  the X34. Greeted by Mr  Remarkable ,down to the water front .Peanuts all round .The juveniles are very trusting and friendly .Not sure if the bird on the left had an itch or wanted to look its best for the camera hence getting feathers in order. .The other looks on with curiosity .Finally to see the Canada Geese who have lost the gosling with severe angel wing . Went and had a wonderful vegetable lasagne made especially for me and it was delicious Finally the bus to Theodor Heuss Platz and enjoyed an ice cream .
NB been to join a Gym as well where there are trainers and I can do my work outs in company .Just over from where I live .Muscles needs as much help as I can muster .

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