By dogwithnobrain

In the Middle of the Night....

There are several things to take from this photo. 

1.  Look at my bloody french beans.  Massacred!!! Absolutely massacred. I walked up there, looked at the empty mousetraps and thought - excellent no mice today, and then i glanced at the one bean which had been attacked on Sunday - and then i realised I was looking at a ROW of massacre.   The netting was all fixed down, with the exception of a part 3 ft in the air.  :-(  These mice climb, or it's something else. 

I am very sad. 

2. The massacre of my peas.  I was going to pull them out on Sunday, but I realised there was still a lot of peas, so I weeded and tidied them up - and there were about 15 peas still growing and flowers appearing.  Now there isn't. 

I am very sad. 

3. The remnants of my beets.  The Rabbits ate 15 of my coloured beets on Sunday.  Dug them straight out the ground, and eat them and threw  them around. 

I am sad. 

4. The courgette plant.  :-(   Not a failure.  Is producing courgettes faster than we can do anything with.  I have distributed ones around the office - I have made cakes etc. There is a limit.  Currently another 4 growing and 4 in the kitchen. 

5. The next door plot.  Look at those fences. Look at those raised beds.  All paid for by your money and mine.   A community plot for a family of refugees.   They have been up once.   I think council were looking for a way to integrate them into the community.  I don't think people from a hot country want to stand in a cold, wet, pile of soil  I may be wrong, but .... they haven't been back. 

6.  There's something else in there, something you may or may not see - you'll have to look close..... but I am hoping that come tomorrow night, we are going to have the evidence of who it is massacring our crops.   Can ya see it?? can ya see it? 

In other news...   the sweetcorn hasn't had enough sunshine yet.  And I don't think there's going to be enough to make it finished. 

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