By dogwithnobrain

Run Rabbit Run Rabbit Run Run Run

We caught him!!! we caught him!!!

This photo proves two things.

1. Netting does not keep rabbits out. 
2. Rabbits don't give a toss about Marigold smells. 

The Camera took 219 photos from when we left at 1830, until we arrived at 1800 tonight. 

the first set from 1830 til 2030 were evening - and caused mostly by the wind which was blowing through the plot.  My beans were swinging back and forward. 

the Second set from 2030 til 555 were night vision - again. lots of leaves moving not a lot of anything else. 

at 558, when the first morning shot came into light. there he was.  Sitting UNDER the netting - its pinned down all round by tent pegs.  - He's troughing away on my bloody beans. and then he turns round, and DIGS a bloody trench under my netting in the middle to hold the beans up and crosses over :-( 

I can't believe it!! I went round and pinned it all down tight.  I double checked it the night before.  He only likes the leaves he doesn't like the beans. He leaves them laying. :-( 

I'm so excited we got this shot tho!!  I'll recognise him the next time I see him.  And I'll kick his bloody arse. 

(and bean is currently sitting outside eating a mouse.   - Am surrounded by the wonder of nature) 

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