Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

Out On The (Gou)Lash

Booze, buddies and barbecue; what more can you ask for, eh? After an unnecessarily long trip to Shirley, we arrived at Matt and Miriam's house for their annual BBQ / goulash fest. I hadn't attended last year (can't quite remember why) so I wasn't privvy to the glory that is Matt & Miriam's goulash, but now I think I want to marry it. (There's a strong chance I told M&M that I wanted to marry them so that I could have a constant goulash supply, but hopefully they've forgotten this...) 

Post-goulash, I've been treated to a host of Eastern European spirits, my favourite being a 72% proof something-or-other. Despite having a few small shots of this (plus quite a few shots of other things, including an incredibly weird peppermint spirit that tasted like when you accidentally swallow mouthwash), I'm oddly not as drunk as I should be!

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