Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


This is the only picture I've taken today. It was shot very quickly as I walked to my car just to remind myself of the circumstance.

So, I woke up early to drive G to work. I reckon it is the least I can do. She was very appreciative and said she should be ready by 12:30 or 1:30, but she'd let me know. I called in at Spinneys to do a small essentials shop.

I got home and did a few jobs that I ran out of energy for yesterday, and then waited for G to let me know the time. I never heard from her, so decided that surely she should finish by 2:30. Nope, still no message, so I waited in The Mall. Around 3:45, I finally had a call from G. She was at home!!!

She'd left home without her phone and had no way of getting in touch with me because despite nagging her for years, she has never memorised my number, so if she doesn't have her phone, she can't get in touch. At least that issue has finally been sorted today.

We've watched with interest, some of the live debates from Westminster. What a mess! I really hope people can work together to do the right thing for the country. At least there is a move in the right direction in Hong Kong.

I've just caught up with my September blips and now must switch off as I have another early start tomorrow.

PS. Six years ago on the same day...

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