A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Yorkshire Rose.

I’m down in Bristol now but spent quite a while on Leeds station this morning. I always go early so have a bit of a wait for the CrossCountry to Plymouth. But today it was delayed by 35 minutes.
Having waited at one platform for quite some time there was an announcement that the platform had changed. Opposite this platform were these designs illuminated from behind by the sun. I’m glad I took this one as although I had instantly recognised it as a Yorkshire Rose I didn’t see until it was uploaded that the ‘petals’ were made up of linked figures of differing ethnicity. What a great design.
The train made up time and I was only 20 minutes late on arrival. Grace was still at work but we met up at Bakers in Glos Road for a cuppa before I continued on the bus and she on her bike to get Eda from nursery. Lovely to see her looking so cute with her hair in a ponytail, she looked very grown up!
I had a pleasant surprise on my journey into Leeds, I shared it with Wendles56 and Tony so we had a good catch up and chat.
Meanwhile at home Chris was using some of our vast crop of tomatoes to make Roast Red Pepper and Tomato soup.

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