Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Well I tried for something more artistic but here's a slightly painterly 79 year old selfie out for a row in the alden ( saw hooded mergansers.. unusual this time of year and a big convention of turkey vultures)   while H works on the floats. (extra.. scrape those barnacles off then carry over the logs and up 26 steps)  We did finish later --I'M DONE with them!!!!.hurray. there were lots of interested wasps. Glad I wasn’t stung.    Just have to figure out how these float will get to Saltspring.  I think it's going to happen.  Happy.  We were so tired (more bandaids, more tylenol) we thot we'd go to the marina for a margarita and salmon chowder but we got there and it's closed for dinner weekdays now after Labor Day!   So it was G and T and emergency mac and cheese at home.   And lime pie.  Quite a nice birthday actually. Happy to be ABLE to do the work.
I did like the orange/red/pink/magenta colors here ... but might work on a different look when I get time. ( tomorrow?)

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