By earthdreamer

Another Place

On a day when it's important to acknowledge the three remarkable people who run this site. Their energy and passion are extraordinary. I owe them a lot. We owe them a lot. I've had to accept, finally, that I'm no longer able to give them the support they deserve. I've felt like a dead weight for some while now. I trust that there will be others here who will now want to step up to the mark. Think about what you might be able to offer. It would mean a lot to me to know there are volunteers coming along behind.

It's also been a day of gale-force winds, strong enough - so I heard - to keep blowing the bails off at Old Trafford, a few miles up the Mersey in Manchester. Not easy for photography, but a visit to Crosby had to be made, walking out from the city along the Leeds and Liverpool canal. The sand-blast conditions meant there was not another soul around. Another Place indeed.

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