Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Oh that this too too solid flesh ...

Devotees of Hamlet will be able to complete the quote, though poor Hamlet was contemplating suicide rather than the increasing solidity brought on by enjoying a life of luxury as I am right now ....This foray into the first soliloquy is brought on by the view as we went for a brisk two-mile walk round the deck after lunch: the building on the right of the photo is Elsinore, now Helsingborg. (I think - will check).

We’re now sailing up the Kattegat on our way to our final destination - Greenwich, not a bare bodkin. The sea has risen as we enter more open waters, and the boat is moving gently. This morning we visited the National Art Galleries on a fascinating tour called “History through Art”, made even more interesting by a fire alarm (after we’d finished; we missed coffee) and the girning of the indignant Americans who complained about the rain. They said they didn’t know that they would have to be out of doors, they didn’t know it would rain, they had neither jackets nor umbrellas.

There are some lovely people on this boat, but I wouldn’t be a tour guide for the world.

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