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By ValleyAllBlack

#OrganDonation - Don't slip through

It's Organ Donation week this week and obviously with me being the recipient of a live donor kidney, I couldn't let this week pass without some sort of comment.

Organ Donation saves live, changing people's lives from despair to hope.  An organ donation decision is a big thing, and I realise it's not for everyone and that's fine.  If you are willing to donate, please make sure you also have that discussion with your loved ones, so that they know and understand your wishes.  In Wales you now have to opt out of donation, rather than opt in, but even then families can still potentially stop the donation.  So it is important that you have those discussions and don't slip through the net.

I visited my friend Ann today who was given the call the other week to go to hospital and receive her new kidney.  She is doing well and the doctors are happy with her.  We had a jolly good chat and we both find the whole process amazing.  Ann has been given back her life, and I couldn't be more chuffed for her, she deserves happiness and is totally awesome.

I was up early for a trip to Oxfordshire today and a meeting in head office, good to see everyone.

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