Going to the dogs

James heard today (with 3 days notice before he was due to move ) that the room he was going to move into has fallen through.  No explanation, no sorry and just a 'we are unable to offer you the room' note which also said he would get his 'holding deposit' back.  Gee thanks!  The landlord won't return his phone calls or reply to emails so it's all very strange and very frustrating.

James was due to start work on Monday in Oxford but now has nowhere to live!

Ben has moved into his permanent student accommodation triple room in Hong Kong.... but no Chinese room mates have yet turned up.  He'd like some, and is expecting some, so is also very much in limbo.

It's all rather unsettling just to add to the very unsettling stuff that is going on politically in the UK at the moment.

Here are some dogwood berries.

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