By PhilattheBeach

Still Blowing

I stepped out back to grab a quick phone pic some time after 7pm this evening.
In the foreground are some potted flowers going sideways with all their blooms blown off. Behind are the tall pines I always worry about, thankfully still standing. I was being blown around too.
As of 8:30pm we never lost power although thousands in the area did.
No major home damage, so on those points we got lucky.

However, this storm started with hurricane force winds and heavy rain at approximately 2am and the wind absolutely WILL NOT stop blowing!
Plus by this time we expected it to be winding down or moving on but instead the wind and rain have been getting worse the past two hours. The roaring outside is completely unnerving and seems like it’s been going on forever.
Oh, just as I was typing this some lights went out for the first time today. But not a total power loss. Power loss means no AC and it’s supposed to be 90F and humid this weekend.

So all things considered we got fairly lucky, especially considering two tornados hit in a nearby town this morning causing significant damage in under two minutes. Crazy!

We just want this wind and the sound of it to stop, and it will. But when?

Anyway, we are good so far with no one hurt and the house still has a roof! :-)

I’ll have to see how things look in the mornings daylight.

That’s it for now.

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