Multi Storey Mosaic

I shopped in Leatherhead this morning. I needed a new watch strap and battery, as well as a session in Sainsburys.
When it was built, the multi storey car park was most unsatisfactory. The car spaces were narrow and the turns on the ramps were tight, causing many scrapes on precious cars. Many of my friends wouldn’t go to Leatherhead because of the car park. Now, however, it has had an overhaul. Where once there were three spaces, now there are two. They have shaved corners off the turns, and are refurbishing the lifts. Everything has a fresh coat of paint. To liven it up, on each floor there is a mosaic, and I blipped the one outside the lift on the fourth floor.
So, that long story was just to introduce today’s photo. I didn’t want to have yet another flower, even though it should be a flower on a Friday!

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