By Dizzy2302

Surprise in town!

Shopping in Taunton, Somerset today with good friends Emma and Fi this caravan rolled up on the pedestrian pavement in the town centre. It was pulled by two adorable horses with another small caravan, pulled by the cutest of ponies, hitched on the back. It is in fact a handbuilt Victorian Traders Wagon and Theatre stage. The side of the caravan drops down to reveal a tiny stage used by poets, story tellers, acoustic bands, etc for various events which take place in the locality. Solar power provides the sound and lighting.

Twas busy day, lots of walking and for Fi, lots of shopping!!! (She really does have an eye for a bargain!) and a scrumptious lunch at The Olive Tree, a lovely old coffee shop on the top floor of an amazing delicatessan. Amazing chutneys and over 30 cheeses, some I had never heard of, were available to sample. How about Cornish Yarg - nettle wrapped, creamy and moist but very crumbly, Stinking Bishop - Washed in Perry, pungent but very mild and Afterburn - spicy cheddar with chilli and garlic. OMG the calories but cheese is my weakness - none of us are perfect;-).

Good company makes a good day - looking forward to our next adventure together.

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