By Number147


Nothing picturesque today.

It was the end of the day and just me in the club (which is in a very old building) and Karen who was out in the office.

I was doing some paperwork when there was a loud clatter. Karen called out, "What was that?"  I didn't know so went off to investigate. 

It sounded like it came from the kitchen so I started there. Nothing to report so I worked my was along the corridor. Small toilet was okay, store cupboard okay, alcove for coats and wheelchair also okay.

Then I went into the big toilet and the lid of the bin was lying a few inches away and upside down. It freaked Karen out! She refuses to ever be the only one in the building whereas I am often the last or only one.

I had just been on the phone discussing arrangements for a member's funeral on Tuesday. The club will be open so we can't all go.

The deceased was a larger than life character so I suspect he was making his presence felt.  

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