By Number147



We parked in Derry Hill and walked through the gates of Bowood where we followed the public footpaths around the estate. 

The paths were very well sign posted and scenery beautiful.  

On route, we were joined by a friendly terrier that ran from the garden of one of the estate cottages and followed us. I was very worried she would chase sheep and she was following us further and further from her home. 

In the end, I called the number on her tag. No reply so I sent a text. Finally, I walked her home. In time, her owner called me. He was very chatty and said she usually stays within their garden and she must have taken a particular shine to us. 

Hetty was delighted to have a companion.

Home to a spot of gardening and now live cricket on the TV. I'll keep Clive company but I have no real interest.

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