People rise at their own pace. We decide to walk down to Dieulefit for lunch - it’s a good couple of hours walk downhill, and quite hot.

The restaurant is busy when we arrive - almost empty when we leave. Surprisingly we seem to order almost exclusively vegetarian dishes. I have a Flammekuechen that Megan would die for - grilled veg, olives, Emmental, pesto.

The walk back is uphill. And we’re all stuffed. And we’re carrying food and wine for dinner. So, we’re very happy to jump in the pool.

Hugh and Val head off to meet Eloise. Nick cooks tea: ratatouille with aubergine, courgette, and tomato from his garden, green beans (likewise), and pizsaladière (?) - a pizza covered in sautéed onions, garlic, and anchovies. Heaven.

Also today: tried arugula (?) grapes which A-M brought from Italy. Supposed to taste of strawberries, but reminded me strongly of bubblegum. Weird in the extreme.

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