Desperately seeking

By clickychick


At least once a year I blip a perfume bottle. That's to remind me of what I was wearing at the time and the memories are held in these pages. This one wasn't mine.

A few days ago my cousin rang. It would have recently been her mother's birthday and we talked about memories of or deceased parents. I said I was occassionaly wearing my mum's "No 5", especially when visiting The Daughters. She said she couldn't wear the "heavy" pefume of her mum and passed the bottle on to my mum. The name of the perfume rang a slight bell.

Later in the evening I saw a perfume dispenser on my dressing table, along with my mothers pink Coty collection. I inherited my mum's dressing table and put the cosmetics back onto it in my bedroom. The Hermès  Calèche has stood there for 5 years but I was oblivious of the name when my cousin mentioned it.

Hermès:  The son of Zeus, the Olympian god of trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, guide to the Underworld.

Calèche:  A 4 wheeled horse-drawn carriage.

The Perfume: " A very feminine woody, chypre floral fragrance." ie: fruity, mossy, woody, leathery, earthy. I admit to having to look up chypre!

The bottle is empty all but a drop which I will let my cousin smell again after 19 years abscence from it. I hope to see her soon. I added the orange alstromeria as both mums would have like that!

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