Hartsholme Lake

It's Brian's birthday today, so Happy Birthday to him!

Even so, we still had to go get the weekly shop, otherwise he'd have to do it on his own in the week, as my working every night will continue for an indefinite time. My boss reckons he doesn't know how long before the new owner will take over. I think he means that he doesn't know how long he can delay it. It's gone too far to stop it now, but my boss seems to be having second thoughts. He knows he no longer is able to run the shop himself, but can't quite bring himself to let go. It can't be easy...

After the shopping was away we headed to Hartsholme Park and had a sausage butty for lunch at the cafe before a walk in the sunshine (most of the time!) to take some photos.

Now we will go out for a couple of drinks to toast Bri's birthday! Not too many as he is at work tomorrow, and it's a Meg/work day for me!

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