Davrian At North Weald

We met a member at the recent Essex S2000 car club meet who told us that he planned to attend a sprint at North Weald today. My daughter and I went to check it out, having never been to a sprint before. I took the TR4 to give it a run. 

The weather was absolutely perfect for driving, if a bit chilly for standing around. We loved the automotive sounds and smells, the variety of cars and meeting the people. Our new friend is quick and we love the timbre of his J's Racing exhaust. (It's not as pleasing as my daughter's custom exhaust though.)

My image is a Davrian. I've never heard of or seen one before. It's a kit sportscar build around a Hillman Imp engine and suspension. I think it might be a Mk 7 or 8. Great colour.      

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