By MsQuizzical

Flying High - Henbane

I took Ollie dog for a walk at Amwell Nature Reserve and afterwards we climbed the hill that overlooks it and the Lee Valley. We found a wild flower that I have never seen before but which I immediately thought might be henbane. I'm very pleased with myself. I used to read all the Observer's books repeatedly when I was a child. On page 181 of Wild Flowers it says, "It is a poisonous plant which should be handled with care."

I tried to get an image of the flower on the plant with my wide angle macro showing the view but couldn't manage it. I picked a sprig and got the above shot. I spat on my fingers afterwards and rubbed them vigorously on my jeans. Sometimes the sap of poisonous plants can affect the skin. 

Henbane was used by Dr Crippen to poison his wife. Even the smell of the plant is enough to provoke hallucinations and a sensation of flight.  

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