Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Goodbye, Silver Spirit

We were herded off our ship with considerable efficiency this morning, colour-coded in groups, picking up our big cases from an onshore marquee after being whizzed ashore on one of these big swift boats that ply the Thames (are they just for tourists, or do people use them like buses?)

Silver Spirit lay looking beautiful, flags flying, waiting for her next cargo of passengers. It was one of these beautiful, chilly London mornings when everything gleams - and I was glad we weren’t aboard as the day warmed up. The Thames was distinctly smelly, and sitting on deck or on our balcony wouldn’t have appealed. It made me realise that the Neva dockyards weren’t the worst possible onboard experience...

And now we’re home, some of the washing is already done, and I’m for bed. I’ll catch up on Blip socialising soon , honest!

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