Here and Now

By Mole

Bee ing There

The bird sanctuary with fall blooms.  Spot the bee! 

Another out of control bed.  I will have to use extreme measures to eradicate the (dis)obedient plant and lobelia from this bed.    "Chance/Chauncey the Gardener/Gardiner"  has been there on his hands and knees pulling weeds and the invasive yellow lamium.  Me, "I like to watch."  Actually, I was the only weeder in this household for many a year, so it's nice to have help, especially in places I no longer feel comfortable crawling.  Like there.

We cut the grass and washed the vinyl siding today. Glad that's done.  Until next time.  In the spring, not the end of summer.

Wishing you all a smooth start to the new week.

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