Feeding fledglings

Sunday September 8th 2019                 (backblip)

Went to Mum's flat today to see what needs doing to clear it as she has now moved out ....... seems there is rather more left there than we had realised! It's going to take quite a bit of work to empty what is left & then clean it all ...... hey ho!

We collected a few bits from there that Mum wanted & took them to her. She seems to be quite happy & settled with my eldest sister :-)

We did finally manage to get our walk late afternoon ....... we just had a quick wander up the road to Pioneer & Beech Wood.

On the way along the road we spotted a Wren flitting about in the bushes but it then disappeared from sight ..... so we continued with our walk.

On the way back we saw the Wren again ..... in fact there were 2 adults & we think 2 fledglings that they were feeding!

We stopped & watched for a while ...... camera at the ready ...... I got lucky! One of the adults appeared near the end of a branch with a spider in its beak ....... I got it! Yay!

I'm really amazed chuffed that the very quick shot I got came out so well .... do hope you like it :-)

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