Big Hill

By bighill

After Dorian!

Well that was quite the storm!   we actually got off pretty lightly compared to the mainland of Nova Scotia.  By the end of the main hurricane situation, more than half of the province was without power, us included!  we lost power and our landline around 8 am so coffee was made using the bbq, we did pretty well .... and it was a rather calm and sunny day!  So in the afternoon we took off for a walk out at Little River Beach!  The surf was pretty impressive, but the most impressive thing was the loads of small (and not so small) live lobster that were being thrown up onto the beach due to the hurricane!  So Terry got a bag and starting picking them up!   I did try and put some of them back into the sea but it was a loosing i gave up and let Terry collect some.  He got a huge load and we got home, boiled some water on the bbq and cooked them.   What a feast it was....see extras!

Terry got the generator going and so we a bit of time with wifi and got some lights on and the fridge and was a lovely evening and i headed to bed around 9pm to read with my netflix so why stay up!   our power came back on around midnight .... a lot of people are still without power, i'm amazed at how fast the hydro guys work!!!

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