Every move you make ... every single day

I haven't reported from the front line for quite a while, despite the 'bon'fire a couple of weeks ago, but my prediction here proved correct. A swathe of black plastic was eventually removed by the wind about ten months ago to reveal a sign below reading, 'Golden Rose Cafe & Restaurant'. It has never opened.

This week an industrial strength CCTV camera has appeared on the corner. Its evil eye locks onto people walking down the road then tracks them. Perhaps the woman who used to emerge raging about privacy whenever I got my camera out in the vicinity is monitoring the images and telling the camera what to do but I suspect it's sophisticated enough to identify faces and follow movement. I checked whether she has the right to do this and it seems she does, however unnerving it is being watched approaching your own road, turning the corner than walking homewards. 

So in a feeble act of retaliation, I took photos of it while it took video of me doing so. I rather hope she was watching from inside the 'cafe'.

Predictable soundtrack

Black and white in colour 191

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