The filthy people

A wet start to the day, but the sun came out later in time for half a dozen Keep Oban Beautiful volunteers to make a two-hour assault on some of the rubbish up at the Hydro. For those unfamiliar with Oban, 'The Hydro' is a ruin on a hill overlooking the town - once a Hydropathic Hotel which was completed but never used and is now a collapsing shell.

Various unsavoury people from the town lug huge amounts of booze up there and sit among the ruins or at the viewpoint over the town, discarding their empties, their bags, backpacks and their clothes - or some of them! - and filling area with broken glass. When I say that they are responsible for a lot of dumping, I use the term in more than one sense! Quite disgusting, so a big thank you to the folk who spent a couple of hours clearing up other folk's filth.

Before too long it will be back again, no doubt. We did this a few months ago, but you would never have known!

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