An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Box of tricks...

This entire week from last Friday to this coming Friday is a social whirl!  

Not sure how it ended up this way, just the way the timing of things has gone I suppose.  I'm not complaining.  When D and I turned 50 two years ago we decided we'd reached the time in our life to make more effort to spend quality time with family and friends.  

Our twenties, thirties and forties were spent working long hours at responsible jobs with the added complications of raising Alan.  Now we are both retired (early) and Alan is enjoying life, we can take time to breath and smell the roses.  

Today I was lunching with Janice and Fiona.  

Janice picked me up at 1.30pm and we headed to Gloagburn to meet Fiona.  Had a lovely lunch and a good old catch up.  When we stood up to leave we realised it was 5pm and we were the last people there!  

Once home, Janice came in for a little while as David was fitting the dog boot liner from our Audi into her Audi.  Janice has Lola's brother Ted and I am really pleased she will get use out of the liner as it would probably have lain in our garage forever, with the intention to sell it never coming to fruition!  

Dinner was easy tonight; leftovers from yesterday :-))

I have spent the evening trying to plan the rest of the week and next week and update my to-do list, as we are off to Harris & Lewis a week on Friday but only have one, maybe two free days before we go.  I am starting to panic slightly! 

I was stuck for a blip but my new box of pastels arrived today and the sheer beauty of them when I lifted the lid on the box took my breath away, so they came to the rescue.  My fingers are itching to dive in and create with them, but with so much on, I'm not sure when that will be.  Soon I hope :-))

Backblips start HERE :-))

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