By ArcLight

Pretty damp clover

In all senses of the word. It was soggy again this morning, but luckily it had stopped raining by the time I went across to Leith Walk for my vigorous Pilates cum yoga cum ballet workout session. It's my new favourite exercise class. And the walk over and back can usually supply me with a blip.

As usual, I've been on manuscript duty. I wrote the penultimate substantive section of Chapter 7, which was about EU citizenship - i.e. a topic I know a lot about. Sometimes it can be harder to write about the things you know about than the things you don't. And now I'm making a start on the last substantive section, on international law and citizenship, which I know a fair amount about. Then just the conclusion to this chapter, and the overall conclusion to the book to write. Very exciting. I can see the end!

I've had half an eye on the England v Kosovo football match this evening, as well - well, not on the TV, but via the live text. Our very good friend Gëzim is Kosovan and football mad. And fully aware of the symbolic and practical importance for that young country - still not a member of the UN - to be able to participate in FIFA and UEFA competitions. He would have been very excited about the first minute or two, but less pleased about Kosovo shipping 5 goals in the first half, having scored one in the first minute. England can stop now. They've made their point...

Update: England did indeed "stop", losing the second half 0-2, missing a penalty and ending at 5-3. And apparently Gëzim was there, and loved it.

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