On the Nose

I began to regret my decision to go up to the moor when I realised today was Widecombe Fair. I was going to Hayne Down and for that you turn off right just a mile before Widecombe. There's a comprehensive park and ride system so I didn't get bogged down in any traffic but I decided I'd go home a different way when people would be going home. I expect you've heard the stories too, you can get stuck behind drunken revellers on overloaded horses that they've borrowed from an unsuspecting person. All along, down along, out along lea. 

Anyhow, I got to Hayne Down which is where Bowerman's Nose stands. It's usually pretty quiet there. You drive down a narrow lane and after about a mile you reach a gate which you have to open to pass through (and close it after you). There's somewhere you can stop another half mile on and there's rarely anyone else there. So mostly if you see someone else they're walking.

I wanted to put the drone up, I thought that column of rock would be a good candidate but at height there doesn't seem to be much to see and lower down the shots look as if they were taken at ground level. I think the one I've chosen is a good compromise. The light was lovely today when the sun came through the cloud, as in this shot. I've added an extra from ground level. A shot through some bushes on the way back down.

I went home via the narrow road to Manaton so I could avoid getting stuck behind Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer, Peter Gurney, Peter Davy, Dan'l Whiddon, Harry Hawke, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

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