By dogwithnobrain

Take me to the place I love...

We have all laughed loads today at Stevie and Jess’ adventures in Guilin.

Yesterday they boarded the bullet train, 3rd class and sat quite content to squish their long legs amongst the locals... but no it was not to happen - they were picked up and pulled along to first class to celebrate the MoonCake Festival! Big table, table cloths, drinks and MoonCake - singing and pass the parcel...

And obligatory photographs of the big white people - especially the one with the beard.

Their airB&b is beautiful - and above a shopping mall with a STARBUCKS! (Jess’ needs intravenous coffee).

Guilin is the countryside they based the look of the film Avatar on. - strange mountains - very high and very steep rising out of the ground, over and over and over

Today they visited caves under the mountains - all stalactites and stalagmites and pretty lights and lakes and oriental

Then tonight they went to a show at a theatre - they had no idea what they were seeing or had any comprehension. It was acrobatic dancing and much swinging from ropes and loveliness

But the funniest thing was people standing in front of them In the theatre - taking photos of Stevie and Jess; and then to take the biscuit two ladies making their husbands move; so that the two ladies could sit closer to Stevie.

So funny. I suppose with his mad hair - he is doing the obligatory ‘gap year’ growing his hair for a man bun thing - and his crazy beard he must be something to behold for these Chinese people.

The photo of them is after the show gazing at the Sun and Moon Temples

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