By dogwithnobrain

Splish splash

I went out on my walk today and I noticed as I approach the end of my circuit that cars seemed to be splashing through an amazingly sized puddle.

As I got closer I realised that the whole road was flooded.

I stopped and pondered for a moment because I didn’t want to get my feet wet!

Both pavements appeared to be under water. All the road was under water except for the very middle. So I dawdled into the middle of the road hoping that no cars would come!

I gave into temptation as I approached the burn and glanced over the wall - the burn was probably about five feet higher than it should be.

When I got to the end I walked I to the bit where the dog walker typically are - this bit here leads to the river - that tree is on the opposite bank - it’s normally only about four ft wide and two foot deep!


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