By dogwithnobrain

In the middle of the night

We were distressed last night to see a post on social media saying that upward of forty kids were in the allotments and running wild.

Sadly, we had both partaken of multiple beers and couldn’t drive up to ward them off.....

So first thing this morning we headed up .... to check it all out.

Phew. All was good! Everything still standing and no damage other than to the fences where they pulled themselves over the anti-vandal proof fence - their mums will be wondering what the hell is over all their clothes!

We picked loads - Not beans of course - reliable rabbit has nearly finished all of them.

At home I was delighted to get the lawns cut - and the borders weeded whilst Si prepped and froze the veggies and started dinner.

Tooli was out with one of her mates from school - she hasn’t seen her for over two and a half years so they had loads to catch up on.

Makes me happy to run out into The garden tonight and see the stripes on my grass.

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