By dogwithnobrain

Could Give More Love....

She left Salt Lake City on Thursday.   

Hit Denver, Philidelphia and NY, Dublin and Manchester (She Likes to look for a bargain she says). 

She trained up from Manchester - and we picked her up at the Station in Glasgow and traveled down on the train home together. 

We weren't in the house long, when Boy phoned.  It's his birthday and we always catch up - wherever he is in the world. 

Him and J Are loving China. - different experiences every day  - tonight they found another broth shop -with someone who spoke English, so this time they knew what they were eating. 

This photo is Tooli laying on the couch chatting to her brother.  He is now in awe of her - Yesterday breakfast in China  he was talking to her in New York - and it was still the day before - fast forward a day - and she's crossed the world, done a whistle stop tour of NY City and maneuvered through 5 airports and found her way home.   This from a girl who got on the wrong train home from Edinburgh - and ended up 85 miles away in the opposite direction. 

She was pounding him with questions about China, money making, travel, sights, sounds.   I think maybe I'll be talking to both of them on the end of the video camera shortly. 

Extra - The Birthday Boy when he was only about 5 weeks old.   Always awake, always watching, always looking for input.  Still the same.  


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