By dogwithnobrain

Let them lead the way

Birth is a traumatic experience. 

You force a baby out of your bottom, with as much or as little interference as you want / wish / are force upon. 

Your bum hurts; you get constipated, your boobs leak at inappropriate moments.  You're in a meeting; you think about your baby, and suddenly your beautiful soft blue blouse has two massive wet lumps on it. 

You become so tired that you are unsure where the baby is.  You have no idea if you have slept or if you are awake.  Sneezing means changing your pants. 

But then the baby smiles; or giggles, or just turns in your direction when they hear your voice. 

And everything is okay. 

29 years later;  you still lay awake at night worrying about them.  29 Years later, your heart still aches when you are away from them for too long.  

And then, they phone you up - slightly tipsy with their every-so-slightly-drunk other half.... 

And everything is all right again. 

Happy Birthday Boy.    

I was 15 when I had you. 

Remember that  (14 next year) 

PS - Look at the extra.  They had photos taken in the jungle. 

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