By dogwithnobrain

May All Your Dreams Come True

Today was our Baby Boy's 30th Birthday. 

I am unsure of how he got to 30, especially that I am only 28, 36, 42, 44 (yes, that'll do). 

I'm not sure if you are aware, but while Boy and J have been travelling, they have supported themselves the last two years, teaching Chinese children to read and speak English on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.   China very recently changed the rules and children are no longer allowed to have extra lessons over the weekend. 

Stevie and Jess' income dried up overnight. 

That being said, we aren't worried.  It's just a new type of adventure.  

Boy is being forced to concentrate on his writing.  Jess is investigating new ways of earning.   Neither of them is stupid.  Something will turn up. 

They are heading back to USA in 3 weeks - Boy has a wedding to attend, and then they will spend time with Jess' family; that will give them some breathing space. 

But so - his birthday.  30, yes.  How did that happen?   They were out for a meal.  Jess sent us a lovely video of the whole restaurant singing to Steven, as he was presented with his Dinosaur Cake.    His dad sent him this card (see extra) . 

We will never not be interested in his favourite dinosaur.  We can't not be.  he makes the noise of a Pterodactyl every time we see him. 

What warmed my heart a little later was a second video.  Boy was sitting at another table in the restaurant, and the four folk at the table were serenading him once again. 

He's a very special Boy.  People warm to him wherever he is.  The nights we have been out and lost him to another table.  he will talk to anyone, anywhere, and I've never seen anyone take offence at his non-stop questions and curiosity about people. 

Happy Birthday Dude.  

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