By dogwithnobrain

It don’t matter if you’re black or white

This morning a strange thing happened.

I woke at 630, got up at seven and pottered around; walked up and got some eggs and rolls and ....

I missed the slight rock of the boat.

I missed the quack of the bonkers ducks.

I missed the scratching of the swan’s beak against the side of the boat.

I missed the silence and the occasional phutt of the engine.

And then I had to go and collect the Kittehs from car prison (see extra).

Si was taking Tooli to Halfords for windscreen wipers....

I had an ‘appointed’ time to collect them.

They clashed.

I got there .... after missing the road end... I had almost made it but got distracted, so
I had to find a spot and turn round; not so
Easy on a little country road.

Anyways I got there and the cats saw me and started a chorus.

I rang the bell for the man and then I rang it again. He told me he had been tending to the moo in the Byre.

Our cats live on a farm when we are away with beautiful views of the countryside.

Directly in front of them are the meadows where the Belted Galloways live.

There was much moo’ing going on over there. All the cows are with child. And Narnia the gran to them all was moo’ing at the expectant mother’s. Telling them all
About it.

We stood and shot the breeze for a while discussing the relative merits of selling them on whilst in calf. I likened it to ‘buy one get one free’. He didn’t quite agree with me but he got the gist.

By this time the cats were going ape-shit in their luxury two room accommodation literally climbing the walls.

So I grabbed them, and stuck them in the car and prayed I got them home before they threw up again (they threw up when we dropped them off - one of them gets car sick and she vomited all over the other)

When we bring them home from cat prison we have to leave all the doors open and let them wander in and out as they feel like -
So that they know they are home and free again.

Now I’m the evening they are kinda settled watching the neighbourhood from vantage positions....

Tooli has gone for the evening and both of us are quite lost without her checking on us...

So what did we do? We looked for BIGGER and BETTER boats for next year


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