Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

Giving Back

A better day than yesterday, partly because I was away from work.  LOL!

I attended a training course today with the Paul Popham Fund, a kidney charity based in Wales, who have developed a befriending service for kidney patients.  It's an essential service, as when you get told of kidney failure it's quite a shock to the system and hard to deal with.  I retreated into myself, that was my immediate reaction, but as time goes on you realise you have many questions which only other patients can help with.  The befriending service provides that unique patient experience, and I look forward to helping other kidney patients through their journey.  I'm lucky but I want to help other people now and give something back.

These old time sweets were available during the course.  Who remembers fruit salads?  A good sugar hit.

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