It seemed too dark when the alarm went off, but at least it wasn’t raining.  Work was mega busy today and I could have done without the Brexit briefing which took up most of the morning.  Just as I was heading into a meeting I received a call from BB saying he was feeling sick and didn’t thing he could got to rugby.  Having ascertained he was fine, I told him to let the coach know and to then go home.

When I got home, he was feeling a bit better, and had had something to eat.  He wasn’t up for football, so I suggested a shower and bed.  The shower bit worked, but not the bed bit.  He decided he was hungry, so he had some fruit and toast.  He is definitely a bit washed out, but may have only lost his appetite momentarily.  Hopefully he will be fine in the morning.

I had some work to do tonight, as Brexit prevented me from doing my day job this morning.

I walked past this house tonight.  It had a wonderful display of dahlias, but it wasn’t easy to get a blip in the dark.

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