Episode Three ...........

 ............ following on from Episode Two yesterday which also links back to Episode One the day before.

Uploaded to Blip on Thursday 12 September 2019 for Tuesday 10 September 2019.

Neither of us could get back to sleep after we woke early - Himself was fidgetty and I couldn't get comfortable - so up at 07.15 (normal for me, early for him) ...... neither of us hungry either so painkillers and tea for me and just tea for him.

Himself still feels very tired and promptly fell asleep on the sofa watching France24 (news programme) and I bumbled about trying to do stuff that didn't involve too much "right shoulder work".

I had to go down to the docs to get Himself's prescription changed - the woman in the dispensary there just couldn't understand the changes despite me explaining it three times, showing her the box of tablets the hospital gave us AND a copy of the letter that showed all the dosages - it amounted to all his medication staying the same except for one which had to have the dosage doubled - instead of going from 2mg to 4mg she insisted it was up to 8mg.  I almost lost my temper at her failure to understand.  I left it with her vowing to check it thoroughly when I pick it up on Wednesday just to make sure it is right.   As it is to do with blood pressure it's somewhat important it's right or he wouldn't have any pressure at all and I'm sure that would NOT be a good thing!!  Lol.

At 19.30 we got a call from the GP herself - she wanted to know what had happened - I explained my frustration at what was said at the dispensary and got a full apology.  I think words will be said in the morning.   The dosages are now correct thank goodness.

I managed to cook tonight - nothing exciting - and, again we went to bed early!   Baby steps.

Again, thanks for all your concern and messages ..... very much appreciated.

~ Anni ~

Not the sharpest spider but it was a lil breezy and my grip isn't quite as steady as it should be yet.

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