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Episode Four ........

 ............ following on from Episode Three yesterday which links to the previous ones.

Written on Thursday 12 September for Wednesday 11 September 2019.

A reasonably decent night's sleep with a little (!!) painkiller assistance.

Bacon and fried tomato sandwiches for breakfast (not particularly healthy) but VERY tasty.   I bought some pumpkin seed and sunflower seed bread the other day - hmmmmmm - probably won't be a repeat buy!!  lol.  It was a change from the oat & barley bread that I usually buy for myself.  I will revert.
Himself is feeling almost back to normal - well, as normal as he ever is these days - but still a little more sleepy than usual.

I have a little more mobility in my right shoulder although trying to reach behind myself, lifting anything heaver than a sheet of paper, putting any weight at all on my arm and laying on that side are complete no-no(s).

Even trying to slice a large onion proved tricky - however I managed enough of the slicing and dicing to make a Chicken Cacciatore (Anni-style) for our evening meal ........ I loved it however Himself said it tasted a bit too "Italian" - ermmmm, well, yes it would, it's an Italian meal.  :o))
The final verdict from him was    " ..... it was very nice but not every month ..."  
I've come to know exactly what that means!!!

A short foray into the garden for a shot of a Fatsia leaf which turned out surprisingly well in my opinion.  

Greener larger .......
Thanks to Cailleach for WildWednesday.

Updates tomorrow - and hopefully I will be caught up by Saturday - I was doing so well too ..... strangely, typing make my shoulder ache.

~ Anni ~

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