What I've Done

By JohnGravett


A day where the weather forecast was good - so it took no time to decide where to go - simply had to be Snowdon. We took the Watkins path up, which starts at just 145 feet above sea level, summit is 3560 feet, so it was a fair old climb! Unusual (for us) to get to the top of a mountain and enjoy a brew in the cafe, but it was so welcome. The summit was very busy - partly because the train takes many to the top who might otherwise not go there. But also because there was an event on of walkers who had signed up to walk 1000 miles in 2019 who were going up the miners route to the top. 

Our original intention was to go via the ridge - Crib Goch, but as it had rained a lot last night, we thought it might still be damp and slippery; also following Debs tumble on our trail race, she was still sporting some bruises, and cuts on her hands, which would have made scrambling painful. 

Good job too - as Crib Goch spent the whole day in low cloud (as did the summit) whereas our route was largely sunny and pleasant - how the weather varies in mountain areas!

Extras show the weather on the top, and the queue for the selfie by the trig point!

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