By ColdCoffee


Today is Little Boo’s ‘longer out than in’ day! He grew in my womb for 39 weeks and 6 days, and today he has been earthside for the same amount of days!
I loved the closeness of carrying him whilst pregnant, but I didn’t enjoy the perpetual sickness, swollen everything and stretch marks so itchy that I’d scratch till I bled. So, these earthside months so far have been much more enjoyable, although with considerably less sleep for the both of us! There are days when he drives me so mad I consider selling him on Etsy (“Homegrown, organic, vegan, fair trade baby”), the contrasting realness of motherhood is that even in those moments I wouldn’t change a single atom of his being because he is truly who he was created to be. I had a part to play in creating this wonderful being, and that makes me feel pretty special.

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