By dreaming

A multitude

Of bees, that is.  There were so many of them darting about among the sedum plants at Carkeek Park that I knew I'd finally catch some with my camera.  Here you see the result.  I've also put in Extra a photo of the thistles I blipped on July 31 - how they have changed!

That was the highlight of my day.  The sciatica has returned with a vengeance and I can't get in to see the pain doctor until next week.  So today Kim really put the "personal" in personal training.  We adapted exercises in my usual workout routine so that I could do several of them while seated instead of standing or walking.  Where she would have placed the tubing in the door frame, she made herself into a human door frame, holding the center of the tubing realy tightly so I would have sufficient resistance.  I wish I  could afford to see her more often, but the truth is that I can't really afford to see her at all.  Especially once the rent goes up.

I've been working on trying to adapt my resume to the Indeed.com format and it is very difficult.  It's a depressing task, reminding me how long it's been since I had a relevant job and leading me to feel pretty hopeless even at this early stage.  I like to feel in control of things, and I have none with this.  I'm having to really push myself, and It's hard not to resist.

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